Explanation of the Diagrams

All data come from my personal data bank on lesbian films which I have been working on since 1995. As of Januar 2006 it contains more than 1700 long-playing feature films, on which the below diagrams are based on. Statistic 1 shows the number of the relevant German language lesbian-like film productions since 1911, while Statistic 2 gives the distribution of these movies according to a self-made score by content (see also “Scoring according to the star system” ). Statistic 3 allows for a comparison with the numbers of international lesbian films and Statistic 4 and 5 show their star score.

Ingeborg Boxhammer (Bonn 2005/2006)
Anita Winter (Translation, Berkeley/Erlangen 2005)

Meanwhile the database contains more than 3,300 feature films, including mini-series and webseries. Updated charts refer to the updated database. Ingeborg Boxhammer, August 2014.