Lesbian Traces in Film


The following discourse offers a short overall view on film productions1, in German which cast lesbians and / or show relationships between women – whatever their lever emancipation. Therefore exemplary films have been elected from different decades and then shortly explained concerning their meaning in lesbian film history. Films that – because of their form or origin – cannot be found in the list2 will be mentioned in the footnotes with their place of making and time, their director and script (D and B) and if possible with their predecessors. In case the date of their first showing should be relevant for their evaluation and if these dates are available they will be mentioned.

© Ingeborg Boxhammer (Bonn 2005)
Anke Sauerbrey (Translation, Bonn 2005)

Suggested citation:
Boxhammer, Ingeborg: Lesbian Traces in Film [online]. Bonn 2005. Translated by Anke Sauerbrey. Available from: Online-Projekt Lesbengeschichte. Boxhammer, Ingeborg/Leidinger, Christiane. URL <https://www.lesbengeschichte.org/Pdfs/pdfs_lesben_film_englisch/lesbian_traces_in_film_boxhammer_engl.pdf> [cited DATE].
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[1] I shall restrict myself - with only a few exceptions – on narrative fictional films which are longer than 40 minutes. Serials, soaps, documentaries or short films will not be taken into account except they are connected to a fictional film or have played a major political role. Short films are subject to different production conditions that cannot be compared with long films which are designed (= usually already by their means of funding) for cinemas or television. Besides the few accessible copies would give a distorted impression in the view of the large number of productions.
[2] See „ German, German speaking and co produced films“.