Speech of Dieter Nickel

Dieter Nickel during the commemoration ceremony in Rüdersdorf  © Private Archive 2003

Record of later notes of Dieter Nickel’s oral speech (witnessed Johanna Elberskirchen at the age of five years; Publications on the history of the village of Rüdersdorf near Berlin), which he held during a commemoration for Johanna Elberskirchen and Hildegard Moniac on August 23rd, 2003 on the cemetery Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße in Rüdersdorf:

As I was apparently suffering from tonsillitis quite often, my mother must have been advised by the doctor to let my tonsils be removed by surgery. I don’t know, whether she wanted to spare me the procedure or whether she simply rejected this – until today – rather controversial method. What I remember very clearly, though, is that somebody told her about a local homoeopath who might be able to heal my suffering in a non-operative manner. So she went to Luisenstraße (today’s Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße), where Miss Johanna Elberskirchen practised in a little, rather hidden house. I remember her very well: a friendly, grey-haired, somewhat stoutwoman in a white coat. Shortly after we could pick up the pills she had prepared and put in a small envelope for us. I’m sure I was very conscientious in taking them according to her instructions.

When I was a youngster I had a sore throat now and then, but there were no further complications. I probably have to thank Miss Elberskirchen for still having my tonsils today.

© Dieter Nickel (Rüdersdorf bei Berlin 2003)
Katharina Mader (Translation, Bad Neuenahr 2005)